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Genre: Smooth Jazz, Instrumental


Alexander Shulgin is a leading executive in the new Russian music industry, having worked with such iconic artists as Valeria, Mumiy Troll, Dima Malikov, and many others. Mr. Shulgin owns and operates Familia Entertainment, a record label, and Familia Publishing, a publishing company. In addition to top-10 songs, his catalogue includes a diverse array of rare releases, including hundreds of the best-known Russian gypsy songs, Songs of Siberian Exile and Best Songs of WWI, all of which are part of Russia's unique musical heritage.

Shulgin's career began at the age of 19 in the legendary Russian rock band The Cruise, regarded as the first rock-band of the USSR to tour abroad (1983-1986). Despite being known as anti-Soviet and no mass media attention, The Cruise went on to sell 20 million copies of their debut album in 1985.

After The Cruise, Shulgin began working in Germany, where he created "The Taiga Symphony". A fusion of Russian classic music with western rock-music, the album featured The Moscow Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pavel Kogan and respected Western musicians Alvin Lee, Paul Carrack, Mel Collins, Phil Palmer and JJ Belle. The album was also the beginning of Valeria's career, who would become one of the most popular singers in Russia.

Shulgin then created another ambitious East-West collaboration with BBC Worldwide called "Merry Christmas to the World". With lyrics and production by Richard Niles and music by Shulgin, it expressed the ethos of glasnost. London studio musicians performed with members of the Moscow Symphony and the Soviet Folk Orchestra. Sung by Valeria, the video was directed by Ken Russell who used it in his film "Alice in Russialand" (1998). Shot in Red Square, the clip featured psychic Uri Geller and became the grand finale of the New Year program on the first national TV channel of the Soviet Union.

Shulgin helped "FM Group" to record the debut album named "Made In Russia" and recorded an album of Alexander Byinov. He subsequently recorded a solo album for "FM Group" lead-singer Alevtina Egorova, also working with Tatiana Ovsienko and Nastya Shirokova. He also wrote material for two Elena Sheremet albums, "Lady-Sax" and "Lady-sax (The Remixes)," combining so-called easy listening with the saloon jazzy sound, as well as "Sax It Easy"and "Sax It Up! - The Remixes".

Shulgin is also a composer of music for films and TV, his songs appearing in films by Lukas Moodysson and Ken Russell. In 2005, Shulgin was invited to write 20 original songs for the music serial "Primadonna". He also wrote three leading themes for the film and all the songs for the final show of "Primadonna". Shulgin is also the director of the first public TV channel "Spas" for which he composed all the music.

His latest project is a three-album compilation titled "Triptych" that contains new music, melodies and instrumentals from the composer's works that had yet to be performed. The albums were recorded by an impressive line-up of artists including legendary drummer Billy Cobham, pianist Gary Husband, bassist John Patitucci and guitarist Paul Drew to name a few, uniting their various styles on the three albums in a harmony.

Ian Curnow speaks about Triptych, Part I
producer of artists such as Kylie Minogue, East 17, Rick Astley, Bananarama, Girls Aloud and many others

Produced by the successful DWB stable of writers and producers this album is an interesting and enjoyable take on the songs of composer Alexander Shulgin. It's a perfect companion to a relaxing evening or unwinding after a stressful day, combining both modern and traditional instrumentation. With inventive use of the Spanish nylon strung acoustic guitar as a main lead instrument, it conjures up sunsets in Spain and peaceful sunshine bathed fields swaying in the breeze. There is a blend of modern Chillout styles and some more Urban sounding Jazz tinged opuses on this album, and I found it most enjoyable to listen to - music to have a warm bath in. This album is one for every Shulgin fan's collection, as well as those who simply enjoy the pleasant atmosphere it creates.

Gary Husband speaks about Triptych, Part II
world famous pianist

From as far back as my formative years as a child studying classical piano, the harmony, melody and atmosphere of music deriving from Russia has always made an indelible impact on me. In Alexander Shulgin's melodies I experienced strong echoes and ties back to those early impressions, and this is a big reason I found myself particularly inspired working on the interpretations you will hear presented on this album.

Atmosphere is a key word for me in my musical endeavour, whether it's in the pop, jazz, classical or fusion realms, and here I had a chance to explore exactly that. I therefore would like to extend my sincere appreciation and thanks to Alexander who entrusted me with this selection of his catalogue, and for his faith in me to produce alternative renditions of the songs that will hopefully prove to be rewarding and enjoyable to the listener.

Billy Cobham speaks about Triptych, Part III
legendary jazz drummer

Imagination is part of the sonic art form of Music. Within the notes the player must interpret and have an image, a picture of where the notes can allow him to explore. This is a credential inherent in the musical thoughts that originate within Gary Husband's approach and is presented in this composition.

As in all art, the image of the music does not run against the flow of the stream of thought in that the listener can easily identify the performance of one Gary Husband as his conceptual approach is that unique. Needlesstosay, his performance lifts the notes off the paper and give them life, a task that is quite elusive to most who try. It's nice to compare Gary's approach here to a Monet I saw in the Louvre. But this is consistent with much of what we fans of Gary have come to expect from his performances whether live or recorded.

Alexander Shulgin has opened my eyes and ears to his musical world through the presentation of his compositions by Gary Husband and I find that his concepts are very much in sync with my mode of thought. With this collection of material he has gained another fan and supporter in me. Salutations!

Alexander Shulgin's latest project is a three-album compilation titled "Triptych" that contains new music, melodies and instrumentals that had yet to be performed. The albums were recorded by an impressive line-up of artists including legendary drummer Billy Cobham, pianist Gary Husband, bassist John Patitucci and guitarist Paul Drew to name a few, uniting their various styles on the three albums in a harmony.

Alexander Shulgin - Triptych, Part I

An instrumental album of the music of feelings and mind, romantic lounge, recorded together with the most famous English instrumentalists - Simon Rushby, Steve King, Jon Howell, lead guitars by Paul Drew. Album was recorded in spring 2008 in Great Britain, at DWB Music record studio, situated at the ecologically pure district of London, where the ecologically pure music is born. The record was produced by young English producers Paul Drew, Greig Watts and Pete Barringer, who have the great experience working with the wide range of different music - from pop and rock to the academy music.

Track Listing
1. Primadonna
2. Vonmi (Hearken To It)
3. Romashka (Camomile)
4. Bylo Li Ne Bylo (Whether Was Or Was Not)
5. Vse Techet Menyaetsya (Everything's Moving And Changing)
6. Nebosklon (Horizon)
7. Ty Emu Tak Nuzhna! (He Needs You So!)
8. Ne Tvoya Lyubov' (Not Your Love)
9. Moya Moskva (My Moscow)
10. Sama (Herself)
11. Vspominaya Zavtra (Recalling Tomorrow)
12. Ulybayas' Glazami (Smiling With Eyes)
13. Tol'ko Ty (Only You)

Paul Drew: guitar, backing vocal
Steve King: bass
Simon Rushby: keyboards
Jon Howells: drums
Laura Whittle: backing vocal
Chris "Beebe" Aldridge: sax

Alexander Shulgin - Triptych, Part II

A piano album played by Gary Husband in a "minimal" style. One of the album tracks - an instrumental duet - was recorded together with the great star of jazz, the best guitar player in England and one of the best ones in the world - Martin Taylor. The record was done in the end of summer 2007 in one of the London studios. The record was produced by Richard Niles.

Track Listing
1. Lestnitsa k Solntsu (Ladder to the Sun)
2. Primadonna
3. Ptitsy Belye (Birds of White)
4. Kak moya Lyubov' (Like My Love)
5. Verneshsya (You'll Come Back)
6. Letaem, Mechtaem (We're Flying, We're Dreaming)
7. Moya Lyubov' k Tebe (My Love to You)
8. Metelitsa (Snowstormie)
9. Bylo Krasivo Budet (Beautiful Was and Will Be)
10. Bole Sih Luby (The Greatest Love Ever)
11. Vino (Wine)
12. Sentimento Paterno
13. Tema Zhenskogo Schastya (Woman's Happiness Theme)

Gary Husband: piano
Martin Taylor: guitar

Alexander Shulgin - Triptych, Part III

Part 3 was made in a "smooth jazz" style, recorded together with the most famous worldwide jazz musicians: Billy Cobham, John Patitucci, Bob James, Bob Mintzer and others. The material was recorded during spring and summer of 2007 at New-York and London studios. The legendary Richard Niles, who before had worked with Luciano Pavarotti, Paul McCartney, Pat Matini, The Pet Shop Boys group, was a producer of the album.

Track Listing
1. Osen' (Autumn)
2. Lovi (Catch)
3. Samolet (Airplane)
4. Nebesa (Heavens)
5. Zima (Winter)
6. Noch' Nezhna (Night is Tender)
7. Polyot na Vozdushnom Share (Baloon Flight)
8. Nebo nad Piterom (Sky over St.Petersburg)
9. Riga-Moskva
10. Leto (Summer)
11. Pevitsa (Singer)
12. Posmotri vokrug sebya (Look around)
13. Vesna (Spring)
14. Brazil'skoe Leto (Brazilian Summer)

John Patitucci: double bass
Bob James: keyboards
Billy Cobham: drums
Bob Mintzer: sax
Richard Niles: guitar
Gregoire Maret: harmonica
Janek Gwizdala: electric bass
Kim Chandler: backing vocal
Richard Cottle: keyboards
Snake Davis: sax & flute
Gary Husband: drums

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